RYT 200, Dancer, Life & Nutritional Coach

Being born in Ukraine, raised in Toronto, and venturing to Basel in search of the career growth in Clinical Research, I’m amazed that this little cozy town brought yoga onto my life path. Extremely grateful to Amrta Borok for his inspirational ashtanga and vinyasa classes. Yoga has greatly improved my overall emotional well being and self awareness. Due to this conscious tuning, I journeyed onto a path of becoming a life coach, nutritional coach and a yoga teacher. Taking childhood – life long discipline of rhythmic gymnastics, dance and science with me. As a clinical researcher who follows a wholistic health approach, yoga is one of the first places of practice i suggest to anyone who asks for my point of view. Benefits of yoga spread far and wide beyond the proven by traditional science, 11 organ systems of human body.

In the vinyasa classes I teach, emphasis primarily on 3 points: mindfulness, proper alignment, and deepness of breath. The classes are suitable and modified for all levels. Energetically I bring playfulness and experimentation into classes, by venturing into the world of creative dance movement.

My devotion and hope is to bring more sustainable, healthy, energetically balanced and conscious playfulness into your life.