RYT Vinyasa, Integral, Tibetian Yoga & Yogatherapy

Mindfulness, Mayan Astrology, Kundalini Chakra Dance

I am Portuguese and I met Yoga in 1994, when I discovered, at age 16, a huge double scoliosis. According to the doctors the scoliosis was so serious that it could have blocked me of having a normal life. Yoga has just not relieved me of many aches and has greatly improved my condition, but also it has been a lifelong passion! I graduated as biologist and worked as scientific researcher for 7 years in Porto and Braga. But since yoguini, yoguini for ever… So in 2007, I give up of my job at the university to dedicate myself exclusively to Yoga, Tibetan Bowls & Gongs and Oriental Massages.

The main hatha yoga trainings I made were in the Yoga Integral School in Lisboa: 250hrs Yoga Teacher Diploma by International Federation of Yoga (2005), (+250hrs) Yoga Master of Integral Yoga (lineage of Swami Asuri Kapila), (As a yoga master I was specialized in Yoga Therapy and Vinyasa Yoga at Yoga Integral School). Since 2009 I started studying Anusara Yoga and integrating a bit its teachings in my Vinyasa Yoga classes.

Buddhism is my background philosophy and since 16 years old I practice and take courses, retreats, initiations. In 2007 I was certified as Tibetan Yoga Teacher (Lu Jong). My passion to Martial Arts led me to a certification as Tog Chod Teacher (Tibetan Yoga with a sword). In 2011 I became Lu Jong Educator and Mindfulness Teacher (all certifications taken in NMI with Tulku Lobsang). Since 2015 I follow the teachings of Lama Tsultrim Allione and in 2018 I became a student of the Magyu Tradition – the mother lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. As personal practices of this lineage I regularly practice Green Tara, Chöd, Feed your demons and the Mandala of the 5 Dakinis and I love to integrate some of these teachings/meditations in my Yoga Classes or Workshops.

But alongside Yoga and Buddhism, came also other spiritual passions. In 2017 I dived deep into Mayan wisdom and was certified in Mayan Astrology. The dance and emotional alchemy led me, in 2018, to Bali to be certified in Kundalini Dance, a powerful art of transforming emotions.

In this moment of my life I feel yoga as a very beautiful science developed for over 10,000 years. But it is also an art that allows me to express my being. When I practice yoga I try to feel each asana moving like musical notes played by my body. Each time I guide, I try to inspire students to feel beyond the form.

Since March 2018 I live in Binningen with my Swiss partner. Here, while I root and drink the magic of this land, I also try to bring some of my work and passions.