RYT 200

From a young age Joanne has had a deep fascination with movement

and the body, always understanding and discovering that calming and

addressing the physical body, also calms and relaxes the mind, creating for us a happy and peaceful way to live. After much fascination and reading yoga texts and books throughout her teenage years, Joanne entered her first yoga Shala at the young age of 19 and never looked back from a yogic and spiritual path.

She has studied varying forms of yoga but found her home and love for Ashtanga many years ago, which she continuously studies daily and with many wonderful teachers all around the world.

As well as a physical Asana practice, Joanne has a great love of Buddhist practices and often studies texts with beautiful Buddhist teachers all over the world. This fascination and search for a peaceful and meaningful life lead her to live for 2 years in a Buddhist center, both working and studying closely with teachers and learning how to live mindfully every day.

Joanne’s classes are of a strong vinyasa style, yet alignment and working with bandhas and the breath are key to a healthy practice, which helps calm and focus the body and mind.