RYT 200, Pre- & Postnatal Yoga

Originally from Croatia, I relocated to Basel in 2016, after living in Slovenia for 6 years. Living in different countries, learning about other cultures and exploring new things was always appealing to me. And it led me to, hopefully, lifelong journey of learning, teaching and helping others with yoga.

First step to a new dimension was when I did the Basic course of Autogenic Training, which quickly followed by Intensive course too. And even today I still practice those skills and techniques to help me in my everyday life.

Around that time, year 2009, I also took my very first Vinjasa class, which was purely physical experience, but it kept my interest and passion until today.

Moving to Ljubljana, I continued practicing yoga, but this time trying the Iyengar Yoga, which gave me a great foundation I needed for my future exploration of yoga styles. It also gave me an opportunity to learn from two amazing teachers Laurie Blakeney (Summer Intensive) and Bobby Clennell (Breast care, Elements & Koshas), the direct students of B.K.S. Iyengar.

After 5 years of practicing yoga, I felt it was time to immerse myself more in the philosophy and teachings… Till then, I was working almost 10 years in travel industry, and was dealing with high levels of stress on daily basis. It became clear that there was missing a higher purpose to what I do in my life. And since practicing yoga was always my way to get back in balance and cope with the demanding job that I had… it led me to Sivananda Ashram in Nassau, Bahamas where I did my Hatha Teacher Training Course (RYT 200 YA). And from 2015, teaching yoga became an important part of my life. Looking at it now, it was one of the best things I did.

Then, after moving to Switzerland, I took an amazing opportunity to participate in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course during my own pregnancy (Transformational Hatha Yoga, Athens, Greece/ RPYS 85 YA). This helped me to experience the practice to the fullest and maintain good health before and after the birth, proving once again the true power of yoga.

Yoga is my daily activity, coming in different shapes & forms, but always helping me to get on the right track when I need it. And my wish is to continue teaching yoga to others, to keep studying and improving my knowledge about yoga, as well as building my own experience.